Halal soft drinks Kane´s

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Soft drink Kane’s Caramel Valley Chop is like the second coming of cola. The nuances of herbs and dark tea give the familiar cola taste a new zest that shakes you out of your comfort zone and makes you crave adventure. 

Kane’s Garden Grove Spin is a brand new and unexpected combination of sweet caramel balanced by the citrusy freshness of shaddock

Kane´s Penn Valley Peel has been created with the same approach. A lemony soft drink that tastes like the fresh summer breeze. Lemon in its pure goodness and freshness.

100 ml of product contains on average:

Energy 155 kJ / 37 kcal
Carbohydrates 9,0 g
incl. sugars 9,0 g

To a minor extent contains fats, saturated fatty acids, proteins and salt.

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