AURA Mango-Orange Smoothie Juice-Drink

AURA Mango-Orange Smoothie Juice-Drink

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Up to 99.99% fruit

The mango-orange smoothie juice-drink has a nice tropical taste and brings sunshine into your thoughts. The basis for the flavour of the smoothie juice drink in the litre packs comprises one ideally ripe mango accompanied by three oranges. In addition, each litre pack of mango-orange smoothie juice drink contains one banana and seven apples.This results in a truly delicious taste explosion.

Aura smoothie juice-drinks are made exclusively from fully ripened fruits, with no sugar or preservatives added.


Ingredients: apple juice from concentrated juice and puree 52%, mango puree 22%, orange juice from concentrated juice 16%, banana puree 10%, acidity regulator – malic acid.

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