AURA Pear, Banana & Grape Smoothie Juice-Drink

AURA Pear, Banana & Grape Smoothie Juice-Drink

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99.99% fruit

This pear, banana & grape smoothie juice-drink is a silky combination, which receives its softness from the wonderful trio of juicy pears, ripe bananas and sun-kissed grapes. The 330 ml smoothie juice-drink pack caresses your senses with one and a half pears, half a banana and eight grapes, which are complimented by half an apple and a piece of pineapple. Unbelievably good!

Aura smoothie juice-drinks are made exclusively from fully ripened fruits, with no sugar or preservatives added!


Ingredients: pear puree (36%), pineapple juice from concentrated juice (24%), apple juice from concentrated juice (16%), banana puree (14%), grape juice from concentrated juice (10%), flavouring.

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