Aura Supersmoothie coconut-ananas-banana

Aura Supersmoothie coconut-ananas-banana

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Fruit content 96%

Coconut, pineapple and banana form a particularly exotic and summery combo and are accompanied by apple, which makes the drink juicy and a little sour. Oats have been added to the smoothie to make it an even more wholesome drink. The coconut, pineapple and banana Aura Supersmuuti contains a lot of fruit – as much as 96%.

Aura Supersmuuti is made only from completely ripe fruit and does not contain added sugar or preservatives.



banana puree (24%), pineapple juice from concentrate (21%), coconut water from concentrate (20%), apple puree (20%), apple juice from concentrate (10%), lemon juice from concentrate (0.9%), oats (0.7%), water, flavouring.

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