Aura Supersmoothie mango-banana-beet

Aura Supersmoothie mango-banana-beet

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Fruit content 97%

The traditional sweet smoothie ingredients of mango and banana are accompanied by colourful light beetroot and juicy apple. Oats have been added to the smoothie to make it an even more wholesome drink. The mango, banana and beetroot Aura Supersmuuti contains a lot of fruit – as much as 98%.

Aura Supersmuuti is made only from completely ripe fruit and does not contain added sugar or preservatives.



apple juice from concentrate (30%), apple puree (21%), mango puree (20%), banana puree (13%), beetroot juice (11.4%), lemon juice from concentrate (1.6%), oats (0.7%), water, acidity regulator – citric acid, antioxidant – ascorbic acid.

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