Crafter's Gin

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Product is made with high-quality grain spirit, specially treated water, high-quality juniper berries, ginger, as well as various sprices and natural flavourings.
The product is made solely of natural ingredients.

The masters of Liviko have 80 long years of experience distilling from herbs. Carefully selected spices and flavorings are used to make a gin distillate with the pot still method, forming the basis for Crafter’s Gin. During the process, essential oils in the flavourings are distilled into the distillate together with spirit. The result is an aromatic, strong and powerful gin distillate used to produce Crafter’s Gin.

It’s the combination of active agents in carefully selected flavourings which produce an aromatic, pleasantly fresh and at the same time spicy drink.
The combination of flavourings and spices creates a perfect bouquet: juniper berry, ginger and other components added in small amounts and known only to the masters give Crafter’s Gin an absolutely unique flavour.

Strength: 38% vol

Bottle sizes:

40 ml
200 ml
500 ml PET
500 ml
1000 ml

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