Honey with berries

Honey with berries

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Honey with berries contains dried lingonberries  and blueberries. 

Lingonberries support immunity system. Cranberries are used to cure diabetes, respiratory inflammatory conditions, stomach-ache, gastroingestinal problems,  kidney, urinary tract infections, joint infections and pains. 

Lingonberries contain arbutin (4,44%), carboxyl acids(2,27–3,05%), bensoic acid (acts as natural preservative) etc.

Lingonberries are great source for vitamins for Nordic people during long winter period.

Blueberries contain 6% sugars, organic acids, vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, carotene, tannin, pectin, colorants and minerals (manganese and iron).

Blueberries support digestion and vision. Fresh blueberries have been used to cure liver and bilestone and digestive tract infections.

Portal webmd.com which publishes medical news announced that eating blueberries regularly reduces the risk of uterus cancer by 33% and has shown good results in curing liver and colon cancer. 

Blueberries support immunity system and help organizm fight viruses. Blueberries also help with skin diseases, mucous membrane problems, liver diseases, blood circulation issues, diabetes and respiratory inflammatory conditions. 

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