Honey with propolis

Honey with propolis

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Propolis is nature’s miracle as are other honey products. Propolis has antibacterial effect. I know a lot of people who have managed to stop serious disease thanks to propolis and the number of those people is rising because people want to talk about their experience. There are those who are allergic to propolis but generally they are aware of the fact. Honey with propolis could be taken in prophylactic sense 1ts a day before eating or going asleep. With cough and sore throat it can be used even 15 times a day 1/3st at a time but it is not recommended to eat and drink 10 minutes after that. Use smaller amounts with children. I have used it with coming cold and smeared the nostrils with honey – illness has been avoided like that. We also use that kind of honey with wounds that do not heal easily.

105g / 340g

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