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NUPPI GOLD 3 - dry adapted growing up milk powder with vitamins and minerals for toddlers from 12 months and older. According to specialists, usual cow's milk can not satisfy growing child's nutritional needs. Toddler´s milk powder NUPPI® GOLD 3 contains all the necessary nutrients, such as vitamins, macro- and micro-elements, which a toddler needs after breastfeeding.   

Prebiotics (GOS and FOS) helps to improve digestion and protects against infections and stimulate the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria in the gut, in order to ensure better digestion for toddlers, who are transferring from breastfeeding to additional food. 

Nucleotides are involved in the formation of the immune system.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (ARA/DHA) contribute to the development of the brain and the organs of vision.

The source of fish oil is fish meat not fish liver. The oil from fish meat is safer for babies, because it does not contain fat fibers, which can damage the baby's sensitive digestive system.     

Whole milk powder satisfies the growing child's calcium needs, in order to ensure strong bones and healthy teeth.

Available in different flavors: vanilla, banana, peach, strawberry, strawberry cream, melon and chocolate.

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