Vana Tallinn Coconut Vegan Liquor 16%

Vana Tallinn Coconut Vegan Liquor 16%

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Vana Tallinn Coconut is a vegan-friendly, creamy coconut liqueur that combines the unique flavour of the legendary Vana Tallinn liqueur with silky notes of coconut and juicy pineapple. A tropical paradise is just one drink away. The liqueur has a mild coconut aroma. Spicy Jamaican rum blends perfectly with tropical coconut while juicy and mature pineapple provides refreshing flavour
nuances. Vanilla raciness and citrus freshness add even more depth to the flavour.

The label of Vana Tallinn Coconut focuses on flavours. The exceptional tastes are represented by the bright colours and the juicy fruits. The expressive visual describes the product so well that you can quickly tell what the liqueur tastes like. The bottle still pays respect to the historical towers of the legendary silhouette of Tallinn.

This product contains soya, dairy free.


Vana Tallinn Coconut is best chilled, served with lots of ice. It can also be used in cocktails and various desserts.

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