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On a spring day in 1967, a drill bit began boring into the ground near Õrsava Lake on the southern reaches of Värska Bay. The investigation, led by geologist Vladimir Tassa, was aimed at penetrating an extraordinary underground body of water. The work lasted all summer and ultimately reached a depth of 470 metres. Geologists estimated that to be the depth of a large natural stone basin underlying Värska Bay, the deepest aquifer of which formed already 500 million years ago. For millions of years, the crystal-pure water had been dissolving beneficial minerals, naturally, in just the right proportions. It turned out not only that the geologists were right, but that there was an ample supply of the unique water. A few years later a plant was built at the site of the bore well. The natural mineral water was bottled and became known throughout the land as Värska water. To keep the tradition evergreen, we are again bottling the same crystal-clear, 500-millon-year-old Värska Originaal water in quality glass bottles worthy of its distinction.


Cl- 1280–1410 mg/l

SO4 16–21 mg/l


Na+ 605–670 mg/l
Ca4+ 116–129 mg/l
K+ 19,5–21,5 mg/l
Mg2+ 40–44,5 mg/l


Värska Originaal mineral water 0.33 Glass
Värska Originaal mineral water 0.7 Glass
Värska Originaal mineral water 0.35 PET
Värska Originaal mineral water 0.5 PET
Värska Originaal mineral water 1.0 PET
Värska Originaal mineral water 1.5 PET
Värska Originaal mineral water still 1.5 PET

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